24 September 2009


Here's an image of the Spruce, standing alone on a plateau in a Swedish park near the Norwegian border. The shrubby-looking growth near the ground represents most of the tree's age -- in fact the stem (or trunk) that we recognize as tree-like is actually a product of climate change -- the tree has grown taller as the mountain top has grown warmer.


Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog. It's fascinating, and what you do is wonderful. thanks!

Deborah Gibson

Stone said...

Wow. I, too, just discovered your blog. I second what Deborah Gibson said. I don't know her, but I share her opinion of your work. Most excellent.

Thank you for your work.

Unknown said...

bis repetita.
Et je dirais meme plus ( comme les Dupondt-Dupondt dans Tintin )
What a great blog .thank you for it and your work.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How reliable is the dating method you are using? Are you using traditional carbon dating or some other method for certain species?
Congrats on your fascinating work..
Graham, (medical scientist)

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog as a result of watching your TED talk last night -- what a fascinating project you're embarked upon! Grand of you to share it like this for our wonder and education.

I take it you discovered this tree before the clonal aspen that's 80,000 years old and therefore better deserving of the tag "oldest tree." That thought really boggled my mind last night!

Many thanks for the excellent photos and narratives!!!